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Considering the climatic conditions of South Khorasan province, the main economy of the people of this region, especially in rural areas, is based on the production and sale of three products: barberry, saffron and jujube, these valuable products of the province have formed a chain worth gold. The basis of science, knowledge and research to identify, grow and contribute to the development of this valuable chain is clearly felt. With the support of University of Birjand, Zarnabchain created a chain of gold with the slogan of Barshak Anab Saffron.
It is hoped that with the help of the Lord, he will take firm steps in this direction and help the tireless efforts of hardworking farmers and dear researchers to become more dynamic.


1 – University of Birjand
2 – Agricultural Jihad Organization of South Khorasan Province
3 – Academic Jihad of South Khorasan Province
4 – Cooperative Chamber of South Khorasan Province
5 – Birjand University of Medical Sciences and Health Services


Barberry is one of the medicinal plants and edible fruits that grows in South Khorasan province and other regions of Iran. This fruit can be eaten fresh, it can be used to prepare a variety of foods and drinks, and it can also be used dried as an additive in foods.


Saffron is one of the most valuable spices and medicinal plants that has been known all over the world since ancient times. South Khorasan province in Iran is one of the most important areas of saffron production in the world.

Jujube is one of the edible and medicinal fruits that grows in South Khorasan province and other regions of Iran. This fruit can be eaten fresh, it can be used to prepare a variety of foods and drinks, and it can also be prepared dried and jujube pickled.

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Zarnabchain always tries to choose the best quality products needed by the society for distribution and sale. Paying attention to customers’ needs, providing fast and quality services and respecting the rights of customers and consumers are among the most fundamental values of Zarnabchain. The importance of the role of broadcasting companies as an intermediary link in the competitive environment governing business, Zarnabchain always strives to fulfill its mission through business development, sales team management, the use of information technology and customer relationship management and continuous training of its employees. to meet the needs of customers and consumers.


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Quality Assurance

Zarnabchain, in cooperation with the largest laboratory authority in the east of the country in Birjand University (College of University Reference Laboratories), carefully evaluates your products in terms of various quality parameters, and if the necessary standards are obtained, your products will be shared.


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Zarnabchain gives you the guarantee that at any moment and at any hour, any question or ambiguity you may have regarding products or purchase advice will be answered in less than a few minutes. More than 20 hours of online response is just to create such an experience for you, dear customers and visitors.


Fast delivery in The Form of Various Packages

Zarnabchain is proud to send your purchased products as soon as possible. Also, the creation of various packaging makes you take advantage of the valuable products of Zarnabchain as valuable gifts.


Price Guarantee

Using a large supply chain, Zarnabchain assures you that you can buy any product offered in the collection in any volume online and have it delivered to your home or office. Price guarantee along with quality guarantee will make your best choice.